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SoleRoots Racing
Everything running! Race management, merchandise and individual coaching. 




Tyler and Christin Woodard are passionate runners that have shared the love of running through the West Georgia Track Club, coaching, Move It Mondays and race directing. Through this passion the only logical next step was to combine it all into race management opportunities for the local communities.



For the past ten years, we have been helping people learn and grow the love of running to cultivate the sport into their own. With a background in competing and hosting race events, Tyler and Christin have a thorough understanding of the racing market and know what it takes to champion a client’s needs.

Whether you’re starting up a brand new event or wanting to grow an established one, we can help you create the best race in town, draw more participants, craft a one-of-a-kind event, and more.



Client Reviews

Tyler and Christin knows what it takes to make it the best. They create runners for life not runners just for today
— Jess Reeves
Knowing how attached owners can be to their homes is one of the things that makes Elizabeth such a gem. She had a selling plan that highlighted all the work I’d put into my house. In the end, I was very satisfied and felt that I could let go more easily.
— Ayana Kabila
Somehow, Elizabeth manages to be both a caretaker and a rockstar negotiator.
— José Ramos